App lifecycle management

Support Beyond Launch
Your app has launched. A span of time where nerves, exhilaration, and fives are high. Well done. The bulk of the challenge has been completed. However, as ready-to-go as your new app may be, with every detail considered, all elements checked and rechecked - like all things worth creating your work is never done. The ecosystem in which your app lives is a digital jungle of constant change. Appropriately so, we move your app into its on-going lifecycle management phase where we maintain, safeguard and update so it continues to function as required.

Up to this point, we have worked hand in hand for the last several weeks to several months. We are pretty sure we like you and want to keep you happy, so we offer you our App Lifecycle Management for free to 30 days. After which, you can opt into this recommended paid service for as little as three months to two years and receive the following support.
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Monitoring & Analytics
If you know anything about Orogamis, you know we love analytics. If you’ve ever chatted with our CSO, she most likely turned to the conversation to data-driven-decisions and showed off her prized case studies. 

Orogamis sets up your analytic stack to cover crash monitoring, and traffic analytics to make sure your app is performing at tip-top shape. If an issue dare arise, we don our thinking caps and let you know our recommendations for swift solutions.
Tech Support
Tech support is the continuation of the account support you have grown to appreciate. The difference here is that you have a main vein to our IT guys opposed to your account rep. IT guys diagnose, address and fix problems as needed.
Ongoing Maintenance
If Apple and Android would just stop updating their operating systems, we could sit back and relax a little. But they do update, and we have to update your app along with them. Some scenarios that we watch out for:
• New versions of mobile operating systems
• 3rd party app features that need updating
• Server overload (you know because your app is so dang popular.
• And all other things that go bump in the night.
Is your app out of date. Are you afraid to look under the hood in fear what you might find? Don’t be. We make this process as smooth and smart as possible.
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