Full Service eCommerce Marketing Strategy
Starting from scratch or building off an existing storefront, a streamlined digital experience will be crafted based on extensive market research and decades of eCommerce wisdom. Utilizing an agile and multifaceted team, a unified approach will collectively address the needs of both business and consumer to provide an all-around successful environment. Every design and development decision will be in the interest of streamlining processes to meet business goals while providing a quality consumer experience.

Understanding the many potential touch points in today’s consumer market, insights will be provided into understanding customers and determining which points are important in their journey. Communicating intriguing messaging and relevant merchandise at the right times to the right audience are key to converting potential customers. Through advanced tools measuring user behaviors and placement performance, both messaging and merchandising are optimized for maximum ROI. Engaging customers, encouraging further action, and measuring performance at each step creates an invaluable knowledge base. The learnings will maximize current ROI through optimization and inform better decisions moving forward for future successes.

Traditionally, sales and customer support have been viewed as separate functions. Due to competition and the increase potential for consumer touch points, sales and support are now essentially completely integrated. A support mindset is often required to sell a product while there is high potential recurring conversions during a post-sale support scenario. The same marketing tactics are also shared between the two. Knowing how to approach each with the appropriate tactic is vital. Through advanced media optimization, conversion attribution, and feedback monitoring, the entire customer journey is collectively evaluated. Providing a quality customer experience including both pre- and post-sale will maximize ROI, increase referrals, and ensure returning customers.
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