Great Mobile App Design Centers Around the User
“There’s an app for that”, is so commonly said it has become background noise. Ever wonder why we don’t say, there’s a good app for that? Or better yet, there’s a great app for that. It sounds different, doesn’t it?

Great apps start with the customer journey - the journey a user embarks on from the app store to install the app to registration and all of the steps a user must take to reach the goals outlined in the mobile app strategy. Every step, tap, scroll, and pinch is all part of the customer journey.

The two components of mobile app design are user experience, UX for short, and user interface, abbv UI.  UX design is the process of marrying the goals of the app to a user journey that will delight users along the way. UX is strategic, based in human-behavior and analytical; it lays out the steps a user will take, what content they will see, and what actions they will be asked to take and how to take them.

If UX is the blueprint, then the UI is the end product the user sees, touches and interface. It includes graphic design, brand-features, transitions, animations and the attention to detail that wows users and creates a memorable experience.
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Approach & Process
• Strategy review and client discovery

• Market and competitor research

• Ideation rounds with client approval

• Adjustment to scope as necessary
Design Deliverables
• Low-fidelity flowcharts

• Ideation concepts

• Finalized design direction

• Full design extension
User Experience (UX)
Orogamis designs concepts that meet the business goals defined in our App Strategy Phase. Our Mobile App Design Phase includes:
UX Tasks
• Create UX design concepts
• Develop content requirements
• Produce wireframes
• Prototyping
• Concept testing
• Week long design sprints
• Weekly updates with client

UX Deliverables
• App wireframes
• App copy document
• Testing insights
• Back-end requirements
User Interface (Ui)
We begin designing each screen of your app that will make the user interface.
UI Tasks
• Create design concepts
• Chosen design concept is refined and extended
• Week long design sprints
• Weekly design meetings with client

UI Deliverables
• Design direction
• Iconography
• Design layouts
• Assets for production
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