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Brand Strategy

Without a solid brand strategy, your company will slowly, but surely fade into an unappealing generic brand. Want your brand to have a unique voice that resonates with your target audience? Try Orogamis Brand Services. It will set you apart in the marketplace and drive sustained growth.

Verbal Branding

Crafting a unique language style that perfectly embodies the brand's identity, capturing its essence and expressing its personality in every piece of communication.

Visual Branding

Visual branding strategies will help your brand stand out by increasing recognition, building trust, and ensuring graphic consistency across all channels.

Product Strategy

You share your vision, and we translate it into actionable steps. Together, we will develop a product that eclipses the competition through a blend of cutting-edge design and user-centric features.

Product UX Design

Orogamis uses experience-led design to transform your concept into a tangible product design that resonates with users and stands out in the market.

Product Development

Our proprietary development method guarantees high-quality, scalable products that will exceed your expectations.

Product Consulting

Orogamis bridges the gap between your vision and its execution. Our product consulting helps you navigate the complexities of product development with confidence.

VisionOS Conceptualization & Planning

This is a crucial first step in creating VisionOS apps, focusing on conceptualization, defining objectives, target audience, and core features for a clear development direction.

VisionOS Design & Development

Transform ideas into immersive experiences, leveraging VisionOS's spatial computing capabilities for innovative app creation.

VisionOS Launch, Iterate, & Scale

Transitioning from development to market presence involves constant evolution based on user feedback to expand its reach and capabilities.

VisionOS App Mitigation

Our App Mitigation service revamps your app to harness the full potential of VisionOS, focusing on immersive user experiences and optimized performance.

Demand Generation

Unlock the full potential of your brand by proactively driving awareness and interest towards your products and services.

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team with the tools, content, and knowledge they need to drive more sales and revenue.

Customer Success

Emphasize the critical role an intuitive and compelling customer experience plays in accelerating business growth.


Engaging, intuitive digital platforms that form the cornerstone of your brand's online presence, enhancing your reach and impact.


Crafting compelling narratives and visual elements that engage, inform, and inspire your target audience across digital platforms.


Integrated communication strategies enable your brand's voice to echo across multiple channels. This boosts brand recognition, consistency, and audience engagement.


Merge multiple systems and tools to create a unified, efficient, and data-rich environment.

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Experience-Led Growth
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Featured Work

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Pied Parker

Pied Parker set out to solve parking.
We created an award-winning UX that did just that.

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Orogamis was able to quickly understand our business and industry; they’ve helped us tell our story across digital channels. The strategy team has helped us cut through today’s significant marketing noise to focus on platforms that matter to current and prospective clients. Importantly, Orogamis has been a collaborative partner not only to us, but the other agencies we work with as well. We are lucky to have the whip-smart strategy team of Orogamis in our corner.

Rachel Cothran
Director of Marketing

From the beginning, Orogamis not only understood our mission but also the need for a holistic approach to our positioning. Large distributors, to small organic farms, to the consumer themselves drive demand for sustainable solutions in our industry. Orogamis developed campaigns, messaging, and content that considered everyone and gave them the opportunity to engage. — Working with Orogamis, you feel like you're working with a partner, not a vendor. I truly believe that they got behind our mission with us and were as passionate as we were about its success.

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Juana Ramirez
VP of Sales & Marketing

Faced with an ever-evolving and complex, competitive marketplace, we developed a solution and service integrations program called Resource Management. Developing the program was easy, getting it to market and ensuring penetration was difficult. We collaborated with Orogamis and they led the way in data and thought capture; understanding our program, presentation parameters and marketplace personas. They provided and brought to life the deliverables we needed to bring Resource Management to market and be successful.

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Mike Keegan
Director of Sales & Marketing

Orogamis created a lead funnel where no lead funnel existed which turned into our first set of sales. Orogamis saved my startup. The Orogamis team was patient, flexible and innovative during our startup phase, something a new business venture requires. They always come to the table with ideas and solutions and willing to tailor their approach to fit our changing needs.

Elaina Farnsworth

In our mission to revolutionize healthcare’s financial landscape, the strategic insights from Orogamis were invaluable. Their mastery of brand amplification and creating a digital landscape accelerated our efforts and revenue-capture 10-fold. Their ability to execute brought us to market faster than we could ourselves. They are a dynamic, get-it-done team.

Chip Hunziker

Entering the US market was pivotal for PowerVision. Orogamis didn't just guide us; they crafted a go-to-market strategy that perfectly resonated with our innovation and the US audience. Their insights transformed our vision into reality in a market we value deeply. Orogamis has been a game-changer for us.

Wally Zheng
Founder & CEO

Orogamis has an exceptional ability to identify opportunity and create effective inbound campaigns that drive results. Over the past year, Orogamis helped us sort through our internal data and triage marketing activities by impact. They have become a valuable and knowledgeable extension of our team that helped us gain big wins in increased traffic, conversion rate, and lead generation.

Frank McKathran
Vice President

Orogamis designed and developed our MVP for Sandboxx. Boy we didn’t know what we didn’t know! As non-tech founders Orogamis helped us navigate the complexities of digital product development; coached and consulted us in areas far beyond just product strategy; in doing so surely saved us from countless pitfalls along our startup journey. We’ve had 100s of touchpoints with the Orogamis team and I can honestly say they were all tremendously valuable.

Greg DeKoker
Chief Engagement Officer

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