Accelerate Revenue with your very own Growth Team

Small team or no team? Gaps in experience and/or skillsets? Feeling a resource crunch? These are just a few pain points our clients experience before partnering with Orogamis. If this is you, then we are thrilled you found us.

Innovative and tech-forward companies have a close-to-impossible responsibility of growing exponentially and maintaining sector leadership, all the while offering world-class experience to customers, users, and employees alike. Combine this with our current market conditions (insert everything that is happening in the world) there has been a mad rush of executive teams to embrace change and adopt new systems to ride this wave. The ability to rise to these challenges seems to be the dividing factor of successful organizations and those that are forgotten.

Drivers of Success, We Are

The beauty of working with Orogamis is that we are a true growth team. What is a growth team you ask? We are a team of techs, designers, thinkers, and writers whose job is to support a company's revenue generation and management from a wholistic purview.

What to expect:

  • Persona focused and aligned
  • Driven by hard and qualitative data (numbers and feelings)
  • Product-market validation
  • Un-siloed marketing, sales, and product team = The Orogamis Growth Team
  • Content strategy (B2B, UX, product, and sale enablement)
  • Award-winning user experience design
  • Tech-stack development and implementation
  • Increased rate of customer acquisition, retention, and revenue
  • Agile method, pragmatic execution

If any point above piqued your interest we should have a 30-minute discovery to see if we are a good match for partnership. In the very least, I am confident we will provide you a few beneficial and actionable insights. Fill the form to right, and we'll be in touch shortly. >>>

Thank you,


Amber Lee Coffman

CEO & Head of Strategy

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“Faced with an ever-evolving and complex, competitive marketplace, we developed a solution and service integrations program called Resource Management.  Developing the program was easy, getting it to market and ensuring penetration was difficult.  We collaborated with Orogamis and they led the way in data and thought capture; understanding our program, presentation parameters and marketplace personas.  They provided and brought to life the deliverables we needed to bring Resource Management to market and be successful.”
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Mike Keegan
Director of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Sambrailo Packaging

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Experience-Led Growth
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Team Gaps? Fill them!
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