Executive Summary

B2B Funnel Executive Summary

How do you ensure they're moving through the B2B funnel smoothly? It requires creating a strategy that guides prospects to the end goal (aka the conversion). But to do this, you need the right content tailored for each stage of the buyer's journey.Need help with creating your funnel? Then this Checklist will help.


What's inside:

  1. Why You Need a B2B Funnel
  2. Build Strong Personas
  3. Map Our Conversions
  4. Flesh Out
  5. Plan Website Funnel
  6. Identify the Best Channels
  7. Prepare to Analyze & Optimize

and more...

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“Faced with an ever-evolving and complex, competitive marketplace, we developed a solution and service integrations program called Resource Management.  Developing the program was easy, getting it to market and ensuring penetration was difficult.  We collaborated with Orogamis and they led the way in data and thought capture; understanding our program, presentation parameters and marketplace personas.  They provided and brought to life the deliverables we needed to bring Resource Management to market and be successful.”
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Mike Keegan
Director of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Sambrailo Packaging

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