Foundational Growth

Foundational growth is a tactical plan that will best support your product-type, industry, and audience. We curate a growth stack specific to your needs and goals from the following toolkit.

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The Growth Toolkit

Orogamis Report

Our growth plans focus on the user and are customized to your product, industry, and goals. We look under the hood, take a deep dive into market analysis, and really get to know your target personas. Doing so uncovers opportunity and hidden insights.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Integrating marketing and sales to create a feedback loop that benefit both departments and top-line revenue.

Sales Enablement

Creating and providing the sales team with information, content, and tools to help sales perform more effectively.

Sales-Enabled Website

Our sales-enabled website is the next evolution of a company’s digital presence from brochure to a lead generation machine working around the clock. User-flows and content are persona-aligned to create great user experience.

Account Based Marketing

A B2B tactic that focus marketing efforts on a decided list of accounts based on developed company personas. Campaigns are focused and aligned with each account.

Conversion Strategy

Continuously improving performance at every step of the customer journey. Increasing conversion and smoothing out friction points is an lite investment for potentially large gains.

Inbound Marketing

A marketing methodology that attracts, converts, and nurtures prospects as they seek out solutions to their needs.

Social Influencer

Social influencers have a carefully curated following and overtime trust is built through messaging unique to them. The relationship between influencer and follower is intimate because of this influencers drive some of the highest converting digital campaigns that exist.

Digital PR

Developing relationships and gaining exposure from authority voices in your space. Gathering links for increased traffic and improved web authority.

Content Development

Content is front and center to inbound. Content attracts personas to a brand, helps convert them into leads, and even nurtures them along the sales process.

Reputation Management

Our reputation management program gives companies tactics and tools to monitor brand conversations and empower the conversation.


Video is an extension of the content library. Ensuring videos are persona-aligned and scripts are created in the same voice as the rest of your content. Our video team handles every step from ideation, storyboarding, and production.

Social Media

Gain viral attention through paid and organic social media tactics. Work with influencers to gain audience reach that no other channel can access.

Paid Advertising

Paid media is a staple in most marketing campaigns. Creating campaigns to achieve a number of goals such as brand awareness, direct sales, lead nurturing, and content distribution. With paid media channels, the entire user experience is recorded through the ad platform as well as analytics on the website. So we know precisely how much we paid for an engagement and if that engagement-type lead to revenue.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns provoke interest, nurture leads, drive sales, loyalty, thought-leadership, and market share. They vary from paid ad campaigns to organic social, PR pitches, content strategy, and more. Orogamis leverages a toolkit of over 50 marketing campaign types. Choosing those most relevant to product, goals, lifecycle stage, and the current climate of the market.

Search Engine Optimization

Increased search engine website traffic through website optimization and improved website authority. We consider this traffic high quality as it tends to convert better than other channels, whether paid or earned.

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