Insight-Driven Innovation (IDI)

Insight-driven innovation is the benefit derived from an intelligent growth system. We listen, capture, and assess the market over several months. These insights help stakeholders plan for the five main areas of growth:

Market Expansion

Grow market size


Cater to new markets

Market Penetration

Increase market share

Acquisition Strategies

Grow by buying companies

Product Development

Align features with revenue-generating users

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Insight-Driven Innovation

Driving Factors

KPI-Focused Data

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable values used to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across all channels and interactions. Examples are:

  • Campaign engagement
  • Conversion metrics
  • Reach
  • Sales cycle length
  • In-funnel conversions
  • Customer retention
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
Optimize Everything

Campaigns and user-experience are fluid. Users change, competitors create market pressure, products evolve to align with need, and as sales grow there is an increasing demand for communication, content, and support. By adopting a dynamic approach to growth we continuously capture opportunities and outpace risk.

Listening to Users

A product will win if we listen to those who use it. We prioritize product development to cater to revenue generating user-types. This connects product development to revenue and creates company-wide buy in.

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Sales team feedback
  • Social media
  • Support tickets and customer service
  • Direct communications
  • Returns and exchanges
Listening to the Market

Who you are today is different than the who you could be tomorrow. Pressures from industry, government, economy, and competitors could create a storm to fear or becomes opportunity to harness.

  • Fringe markets
  • Fringe user-types
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Acquisition strategy

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