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Small team or no team? Gaps in experience and/or skillsets? Feeling a resource crunch? These are just a few pain points our clients experience before partnering with Orogamis. If this is you, we are thrilled you found us!

Innovative and forward-thinking companies have a close-to-impossible responsibility of growing exponentially and maintaining sector leadership, all the while offering world-class experience to customers, users, and employees alike. In combination with our current market conditions (insert everything that is happening in the world) there has been a mad rush of executive teams to embrace change and adopt new systems to ride this wave. The ability to rise to these challenges has become the dividing factor of the successful versus the-left-behind.

The Orogamis Growth Framework

The Orogamis Growth Framework drives realized growth through experience in five concentrations: Product, Brand, Funnel, Pipeline, and Customer. Leveraged, it helps organizations and teams work toward the same goal, revenue

Drivers of Success, We Are

The beauty of working with Orogamis is that we are a true growth team. What is a growth team you ask? We are a team of techs, designers, analysis-thinkers, and writers whose job is to support a company's revenue generation and management from a wholistic purview.

What to expect:

  • Persona focused and aligned
  • Driven by hard and qualitative data (numbers and feelings)
  • Product-market validation
  • Un-siloed marketing, sales, and product team = The Orogamis Growth Team
  • Content strategy (B2B, UX, product, and sale enablement)
  • Award-winning user experience design
  • Tech-stack development and implementation
  • Increased rate of customer acquisition, retention, and revenue
  • Agile method, pragmatic execution

If any point above piqued your interest we should have a 30-minute discovery to see if we are a good match for partnership. In the very least, I am confident you'll get a few beneficial and actionable insights from our time together. Please complete our request form and we'll be in touch shortly.

Thank you,


Amber Lee Coffman

Managing Partner & Head of Strategy

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“Faced with an ever-evolving and complex, competitive marketplace, we developed a solution and service integrations program called Resource Management.  Developing the program was easy, getting it to market and ensuring penetration was difficult.  We collaborated with Orogamis and they led the way in data and thought capture; understanding our program, presentation parameters and marketplace personas.  They provided and brought to life the deliverables we needed to bring Resource Management to market and be successful.”
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Mike Keegan
Director of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Sambrailo Packaging

Full-Service Experience Team
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Experience-Led Growth
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Team Gaps? Fill them!
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On-Demand Engagements
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1. What makes Orogamis different from other growth teams?

At Orogamis we look at growth through the lens of experience. (We really should be calling ourselves an experience company, and maybe one day we will.) By approaching a company’s growth and overall success from the purview of experience means we put people front and center of our planning, design, and communications.

2. Why is people-first approach important?

People-first approach is important, firstly, because everyone being sold to is a person, last time we checked. We know companies and brands that invest in their customers overall, will pull ahead of competition, all things equal. 

We consider experience a business model in and of itself. You are seeing it with every successful B2B SaaS company and online retailer. They are pulling ahead and leaving more traditional counterparts with less and less market share. 

At Orogamis, we work with companies to ensure their market stake, or win market share back. It’s astounding what an investment in experience will do.

3. What does experience mean to Orogamis?

Experience, to us, means any touchpoint with a brand or company whether it is with a prospect, a customer, a potential partner, an event etc. to influence or advance a relationship. In our corner of experience we deal with markets, but the same can be applied to employee-experience, cultural-experience, and experience of self.

4. That seems like a lot of touchpoints, how does Orogamis manage?

Pretty simply, the same way you approach any large initiative: break it down into manageable chunks and execute.

5. This is the benefit of the Orogamis GrowthX Framework?

Yes! The Orogamis GrowthX Framework breaks down experience into five distinct concentrations or programs: product, brand, funnel, pipeline, and customer. Each works independently and very much as part of the whole. Further, each program is broken into phase-based projects: Foundation, Production, Launch, and Validation/Optimization.

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6. How did Orogamis land on these five concentrations: product, brand, funnel, pipeline, and customer?

Like any tried and true framework, it was developed organically through our client work. We needed a way to

1) Illustrate and explain the whole growth environment.

2) Create an approach that relates to both scope and specialized project management.

3) Since we work with many types of companies with varying internal teams we needed the flexibility of an agile method while also being programmatic. 

Each pillar is exceptionally important to scalability and growth in their own unique and individual way. Specifically each pillar has five distinct attributes:

  • Leg of journey 
  • Interface design
  • Content strategy
  • Team curation
  • Measurement

7. Why should a company work with Orogamis?

Other than we are delightful to work with? The substantial advantages working with Orogamis are countless but here’s a few:

  1. The Orogamis GrowthX Framework. We are the only team on the planet with this approach. We knew we had accomplished what we set out to when prospect and client conversations started going smoother than ever. The framework, it flows. 
  1. Client teams fall in love with our ops; we’re very straightforward, systematic, and streamlined. 
  1. The roots of Orogamis stand squarely in product and performance. So naturally, we pair agile methods with pragmatic execution. This means we are both flexible and we are very good at getting things done.
  1. Our engagements are perfect-client-fit. We are able to serve as the agency of record - the benefit of a cohesive one-touch team. We are able to integrate into an internal team how, when, and where needed. Additionally, Orogamis is a friendly-vendor and plays nice with other vendors, so we are often leveraged for collaboration projects. 
  1. We Invest heavily in our content to educate not just our clients but the market at large. By no way are we static in anything we do. We are always learning from the ever-changing landscape that is scalability. We are here to defend the mountain called “GrowthX”! 
  2. We are genuinely intrigued by the crossroads of business and experience, and when hitched together creates success for our clients.

8. How does a company work with Orogamis?

It all starts with a discovery meeting, and filling out the form on this page! 

We help to identify needs, and make our recommendation based on The Orogamis Growth Framework in full or in part.


9. What the heck does Orogamis mean?!

(Oro = Golden) + (Gamis = Growth) = Golden Growth