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Our B2B SaaS client provides mass communication solutions to enterprise and higher education. Specifically, they are a business-to-business SaaS with service catering to high-profile clients across the US and Canada.

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For the better part of a decade our client had untouchable success in the emergency communications sector, however, emerging competition created a pricing environment that was ‘a race to the bottom’. For the first time, this company found themselves in unfamiliar waters and knew that in order to keep their well-deserved market share and to stay in pace with its competition, they would have to align with inbound best practices.

Recently launching an inbound-ready, sales-enabled website on the Hubspot CMS, our client was looking for a partner for growth strategy that would help them build upon their initial inbound efforts. Attracted to our data-driven-decision methodology, they partnered with Orogamis to provide full-stack growth services in order to hit their lead generation and revenue goals.

Together, we set out to complete this B2B SaaS company’s metamorphosis to inbound and gain big wins in increased traffic and lead generation.


‍As with all partners, we kicked off with our Discovery Phase. Together with our client’s team, we collected as much qualitative data as we could: what makes personas tick, the sales process and areas they suspected opportunity. Next, we dove into to quantitative data-sets, performing an Analytics Audit, UX Audit, Channel Audit, and an SEO Audit. Our findings uncovered opportunities involving their funnel, SEO optimization, content and UX strategy, and the Google Ads campaign. Further, we were involved in campaign development and assisted with sales enablement.

  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Content Development
  • Paid Advertising Audit
  • Paid Advertising Management
  • Conversion Rate Strategy
Monthly Contacts
All Traffic
Conversion Rate
Top content = conversion opportunity

Our client had created a highly valuable blog post that generates a very high volume of traffic via organic search. Without disrupting SEO value of the webpage we converted the blog post into a conversion funnel ending in a gated content offer. Over the course of the next twelve months this one content strategy had amazing results:

  • +35% View to Submission Rate
  • +539 New Contacts
  • +132% in Page Traffic
Two is a crowd

Reviewing the website, their were two primary calls to action presented side by side: Schedule a Demo and Speak with an Expert. Virtually splitting users between the two. Upon further inspection, the call to action “Schedule a Demo” garnered a higher click-through-rate and view-to-submission conversion rate. In light of our findings, we eliminated speak to an expert call to action to streamlined the website’s call to action and landing page  ‘Schedule a Demo’.

  • +106% CTA Increase
  • +100% View to Submission Rate
Raise in search traffic

The SEO Audit lead to onsite improvements to website speed, site architecture and a revamp of their SEO meta tags. These efforts paired with our content strategy led to a very healthy increase in the highest converting traffic channel, organic search traffic.

  • +78% Increase in Organic Content
  • +113% Session to Contact Rate
  • +328 New Contacts
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"Orogamis has an exceptional ability to identify opportunity and create effective inbound campaigns that drive results. Over the past year, Orogamis helped us sort through our internal data and triage marketing activities by impact. They have become a valuable and knowledgeable extension of our team that helped us gain big wins in increased traffic, conversion rate, and lead generation.”

Frank McCathran
VP, B2B SaaS Company


Case Study

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Pied Parker set out to solve parking.
We created an award-winning UX that did just that.

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