Case Study / Brand Strategy

HealthRecon Connect

Global brand takes on the US. A success overseas, HealthRecon Connect was ready to expand into the US Market. An updated corporate identity to align with American expectations in both design and communication.

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A beloved identity is outgrown

Create anew from the ashes of old. Appease the existing customer-base while attracting the new market in town.

Benchmark competitors. Modernize colors and shapes

Show who a client who they are up against and watch their competitive side come out.


Competitor Analysis
Persona Development
Visual Branding
Communication Guidelines
Sales Collateral

And who are you exactly?

Competitor analysis is about benchmarking top players in the space. The top three companies gave us clues how to position HealthRecon Connect against the rest.

Visual Branding & Communication Guidelines

Can you feel the difference between the two logos below? If the left logo inflicts anxiety and the right logo feels likes you're floating on a fluffy cloud in an endless morning sky then you understand, on a deep-level, why we do what we do.



Case Study

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style orogamis
Full-Stack Growth


This Packaging Goes to Market

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