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LandOnEarth's market concept was to create a personalized real estate search experience. Orogamis created an intuitive front-end user experience that felt like nothing short of magical. Our kudos for this project goes to making a technology-heavy app feel seamless, delightful, and lite.  

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A first in industry matching experience

We had plenty of matching apps to benchmark but non that aimed to match a user with a home.

Persona-centric design

Understanding what is most important to a user when finding a home and prioritizing UX accordingly.


Product Strategy
Branding Strategy
User Experience (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Persona Development

Adapts to your changing priority in real-time

Property results are displayed based on how closely they match a users needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Seamless collaboration with a user's network

Matches are easily shared and chatted about in real time.

Real estate professionals are kept in the loop

For example, users can easily collaborate with lenders and real estate agents.

Property match rating

Helps with decision-making based on what’s most important to the user.

Interactive design

Users are able to rate home features within a property and save to their profile.

Real-time communications

Integrated chat, scheduling, and management tools provide seamless collaboration. Everything is in one place and easy to find.


Case Study

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