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Strong B2B branding enhances demand-generation’s effectiveness, lowers the cost of sales, and commands a price premium.

Brand is purpose, authenticity, consistency, and experience. The benefits of a brand are far further reaching than colors, typography, and brand mark; though these are important too. When done well, Brand: fortifies customer experience, elevates marketing and sales performance, and pulls out-of-market buyers into market. Brand may be harder to quantify as appropriate measures involve subjective experience metrics, yes. However, there is no case where B2B organizations should ignore the positive impact Brand has on employee satisfaction, talent acquisition, buyer satisfaction, and referral generation.

Yes, in market B2B buyers are concerned with what product you sell, at what price, and with what specs. In other words, your “what”. Sadly, for most B2B organizations that’s the end of the story, but we say nay! Stopping there leaves revenue on the table. Out of market buyers are attracted to “why” your organization is and “how” you have differentiated from competitors. This is how B2B organizations effectively gain market share and achieve market expansion.

Brandˣ Program


Persona Development

Personas are not only integral to funnel development they are foundational to every program at Orogamis. Without them, we are left to make best guesses from industry standards and trends.  

When we know the buyer persona intimately we discover what channels they are active in. Knowing pain points empowers copy and content to pack a punch. And listening to your personas enables product development to dovetail solutions to your customers’ needs. Other factors, like position, demographics, and experience influence what type of media goes into production; i.e. print, digital, video, chat, SMS, etc.


Market Research

What if we could create a space in the marketplace only your organization occupies? Positioned to build awareness and messaging so aligned your target customers show up at your door? This is the ultimate case we work towards, if it’s completely realized or not it's a darn good X on your map. 

Market research helps us understand the current landscape of your marketplace, get to know its players, and notice trends and industry direction. 


Brand Strategy

Brands, built from within, are the highest performing. Evidence-based brand strategy is informed by target audience research and enlists the relevant and unique strengths of an organization. 

Brand pillars are the truths found at the true heart-center of an organization. An organization’s:

  • Brand Personality collectively characterizes the brand and    defines its key traits.
  • Brand Positioning articulates the core elements of a   company’s brand strategy.
  • Brand Essence encapsulates the core ideas and emotional   center of the positioning strategy.

Corporate Visioning

Brand Visioning is the “why” an organization exists; the North Star they are follow-ing and what path they choose to take. With Guiding Statements, Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values, a company is equipped to foster connection with buyers, customers, and employees.


Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging specifically speaks to the needs of key audiences. The use of  language, finely crafted for stakeholders, greases the wheels of relationship development: customers, investors, channel partners, and both current and prospective employees included. What’s more, is now there is a blueprint for the Brand, its communication partners, and press to further align messaging, ramp production, and lower costs.


Brand Identity

Brand identity: the library of collective brand elements that together creates one unified brand image in the mind of the marketplace. 

Included is naming, logo, brand marks, colors, typography, graphic devices and photographic styles. The process of creating brand identity is guided by strategy and discovery with stakeholders, spelling out key elements such as brand personality and creative drivers that have been uncovered during research. We work closely with you to capture your vision and translate that into a cohesive brand identity.


Brand Guidelines

The most important and equally challenging to achieve overtime, is brand consistency. Branding is an engagement of repetitive encounters for the benefit of creating connection with your target audience. Not staying on brand confuses this process and negatively influences these forming connections.

We create brand guidelines to help maintain consistency and brand integrity. This is a specification resource of proper use of brand and improper use, for such things like logo placement, color proportion, and iconography use. Brand guidelines is like a rulebook so internal departments can police the brand and external partners don’t have to guess.


Go-to-Market Planning

Here, we work with your teams to identify how to best introduce and communicate your new value proposition to external audiences, preparing tactical programs for print and digital media, website development, and social media activation. As part of the process, we typically conduct communication audits to uncover ways to improve the customer journey and create more meaningful engagement with the brand.


Brand Roadmap

Once a new brand is formalized, how do you set it in motion? As with any meaningful journey, you start with a roadmap.

A brand roadmap is a two- or three-year plan for operationalizing the brand—creating rock-solid linkage between the brand strategy and the organization’s business strategy, and then measuring for performance over time. Early in this journey, we conduct leadership training to ensure consensus and consistency at the top levels. Other milestones include collaboration with HR, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sales, and other key departments to solidify their roles and help them plan their activities in a logical, proven cadence.


Brand Consulting & Management

Brands live in a dynamic space. Internal and external forces—acquisitions, new products, competitive moves, regulatory pressures—are in constant play, and to maintain power and consistency, brands must be managed in an active and ongoing manner.

Brandˣ Projects

Brand Strategy

Brand Specification

Visual Identity

Communication Guidelines




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Why Experience?

Looking through the lens of experience of those you invite to your doorstep, IRL or digitally, places your feet in the shoes of your audience. This helps your organization align with and deepen the connection you have with your customer.

Why should they pay attention to you and not someone else? Experience.
Why should they buy your solution and not another?
Why do they stay with you year after year? Experience.

Experience, all else equal, is a business model in and of itself.